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Is a highly-experienced group with excellent insight into, and knowledge of, local needs, desires of children and young people and the current cultural education offer across Nottinghamshire.

Current partners include: 

  • Ashfield District Council
  • Active Notts
  • First Art
  • Flying High Partnership and Trust
  • Mansfield District Council cultural services including Mansfield Palace Theatre and Mansfield Museum 
  • Nonsuch
  • Inspire: Culture, Learning and Libraries including Inspire Youth Arts, Inspire Learning, Inspire Libraries and Culture and Nottinghamshire Music Education Hub
  • The Evolve Trust
  • The Mighty Creatives 
  • Extended Services Coordinator for Asquith and Berry Hill Primary Schools


To give people a voice, work with others, make lasting change, be creative and inventive, we will be open, diverse and welcoming.

We will support local economic growth, improve young people’s key skills, diversify the career ambition of CYP, improve young people’s social mobility, provide collective expertise and develop a collaborative, evidence-based approach that secures a long-term cultural strategy for Nottinghamshire.

Ashfield District Council

Ashfield District Council

 Ashfield District Council represent a local authority in the Nottinghamshire Cultural Education Partnership area

Asquith Primary

Asquith Primary

Asquith Primary and Nursery School website.

Berry Hill Primary

Berry Hill Primary

Berry Hill Primary and Nursery School website.

First Art

First Art Logo [CMYK]-page-001.jpg

Flying High Trust

flying high trust.png

Part of Flying High Trust, Greenwood Primary Academy represent education settings on the Captivate steering group.

Inspire Libraries

Inspire Logo

Inspire: Culture, Learning and Libraries deliver a range of diverse cultural offers including visual arts, galleries, theatre, film, music, digital and literature to inspire cultural learning and development. 

Mansfield Museum

Mansfield Museum
“We aim to provide an enjoyable, educational learning experience for all people, regardless of age, background and ability, by collecting, preserving and displaying items relating to Mansfield, the surrounding area and its people. The cultural, creative and intellectual needs

of the local community will be addressed through exhibitions, events, projects and outreach work, while helping to promote lifelong learning.”

Mansfield Palace Theatre

Mansfield Palace Theatre

National Justice Museum



nonsuch studios 5 degree.png

Artists, theatre-makers, creative producers, community activists, project managers, cafe-runners, change makers, event-ers and building runners.

Nottinghamshire County Council

Nottinghamshire County Council

Nottinghamshire Music Hub

Nottinghamshire Music Hub

A group of schools and music organisations who are working together to provide the best possible music-making opportunities for children and young people in Nottinghamshire. 

The Brunts Academy

academy full justify.png

The Brunts Academy -part of the Evolve Trust, is a popular and oversubscribed high-achieving secondary school with a great tradition of success. 

The Mighty Creatives

The Mighty Creatives

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