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Captivate Arts Residential

Sutton RD Arts Residential

Captivate has launched a new Arts Residential for schools across Mansfield and Ashfield

Captivate Arts Residential is a year’s highlight for children & young people to experience arts & culture. Away from home, our new Arts residential offer is a vital part of growing up and is the perfect opportunity for valuable arts trips & creative learning experiences. 

In April 2023, we celebrated our newest Arts Award Discover achievers at Sutton Road Primary School in Nottinghamshire. 

81 children at Sutton Road Primary achieved an Arts Award at Discover level from Trinity College London, an introductory award designed for ages 5 and above that recognises their engagement with the arts. 

Our project was in collaboration with Inspire Nottinghamshire Libraries, who worked with internationally renowned Japanese dance artist Takeshi Matsumoto in October 2022 to co-create artwork with local Mansfield primary schools by using dance and drawing.

We are delighted to have supported the project and provide guidance from our Arts Award Advisor.

Feedback from Sutton Road Primary and Nursery School: 

Matthew – "I wasn’t interested in discos but I like them now. Thank you Vanessa. Thursday 13th July 2023 was the best day ever".

Alisa – "I wish we could have something in school everyday and I loved singing. Lilly and Seree could be the best music teachers in the world. Even though I wasn’t good at hip hop, I still loved to try and my favourite was the silent disco. The person who created silent disco is a genius". 

Kiana – "My favourite bit was the silent disco because we could listen to our favourite music. Thank you Vanessa and Emily. I wish we could do it all again!".

Alex – "Thank you Vanessa for all of this. Rating them was super hard that’s how good they are but rating them 1-4 is: 1 silent disco, 2 dancing, 3 mask-making 4 singing. Thank you for all of this once more".

Lexi – "Thank you everyone for making that day special for all of us".

Jack – "Thank you Michelle for helping us make our masks. Thank you Lilly and Seree for singing with us and Emily for the silent disco and Ellie for the hiphop. Thank you to Vanessa. My favourite bit was hiphop".

Faith – "I love all of the activities but my favourite one was hiphop because Ellie is a hiphop dancer and I want to be a hiphop dancer".

Alex – "The silent disco was my favourite and I also liked the mask making. It was good and I would definitely do it all again".


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