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Japanese Taiko Drumming Workshop

Suitable for Primary Key stage 2, Secondary and Special Educational Needs schools, our Taiko Drumming workshops provide a holistic experience that will enable all of your children to be involved regardless of ability.

What is Taiko?

The taiko is a large, drum-like instrument of the percussion family that is believed to have originated in Korean and Chinese culture and was introduced to Japan in the 6thcentury CE. Throughout their history taiko have been used for a variety of purposes including military, theatrical, religious, festival, concert, and communication. The Japanese use the term 'taiko' to refer to any type of drum, but those outside of Japan use the term to refer to Japanese drums in particular.


What happens in a Taiko workshop?

Our workshops start by providing info on the cultural background to Taiko, physical warm ups, and basic techniques about hand grip and posture. The bulk of the contact time is filled with a fun, focussed, high-energy step by step process of building a complete mini-arrangement of either a traditional or contemporary Taiko rhythm.

We always aim for each group to be able to learn or perform a complete "piece" of Taiko drumming by the end of each session; everybody is involved in the experience, staff too!!


The Cost for a full academic day is £500

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Subject areas

  • Music

Key stages

  • Key Stage 2
  • Key Stage 3
  • Key Stage 4
  • SEND

Offers a free option?

  • No

Can deliver in-school?

  • Yes

Counts toward Arts Award?

  • Yes

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