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Dance Academy At Park Vale School

At Park Vale Academy, Dance is offered at key stage 4 at GCSE level.  

We value Dance because as well as all the social, emotional and physical health benefits living an active life enhances, Dance also encourages students to be creative, and imaginative, to work as part of a team and heightens young people’s awareness of the importance of being self-aware uses movement symbolically as a form of expression. It is both a powerful and empowering way for young people to express themselves in a non-verbal form.

In Dance lessons at Park Vale Academy, students develop performance skills for a range of different dance styles. They learn strategies to choreograph movement for a theme as well as develop ways of appreciating movement and understanding dance.

In addition to lessons, Dance students are encouraged to join Park Vale Dance Academy to further develop their skills. Coupled with curriculum time dance, this extra-curricular opportunity enables dancers to gain more performance opportunities and spend more time developing performance skills to a greater depth.

The group meets every week to prepare for two shows a year, and a summer dance tour around the local primary schools.

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Subject areas

  • Theatre and Performing Arts

Key stages

  • Key Stage 4

Offers a free option?

  • No

Can deliver in-school?

  • No

Counts toward Arts Award?

  • No

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