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Making revolutionary digital comic books with Brunts Academy

Students had expressed an interest in using technology to develop their artwork and this proved a fantastic way to do it. Undertaking the project during an after-school club helped give students more opportunity to use the technology, develop their skills, and work towards their Bronze Arts Award.

See our simple step-by-step guide for how to make a digital comic book in the Classroom – or at Home.

Students began by exploring our Revolutionary collection, delving into the wide range of museum objects and artworks. They also took inspiration from the Peterloo graphic novel.
To help students decide on their revolutionary theme or character, they also visited their local archive, at Mansfield library. Here they were introduced to some local revolutionary characters – such as Lord Byron. They also gained access to the Brunts archives, where students explored the history of their school and Samuel Brunts, whose bequest helped to establish the school during the 1700 – 1800s.
Back at school, students completed a planning sheet to consolidate ideas for their revolutionary theme or character, and plot the main arc of their story. They then produced storyboards and character sheets.

First, students created a hand-drawn outline for each frame of their story, using a fine liner pen on A4 paper – just line work with no colour.
These were then scanned ready for students to edit on Fresco.

Using the Fresco tutorials, students were quickly able to learn a range of techniques to create their illustrations, including ‘layering’, and creating a ‘comic-style’ portrait….
…with some fantastic results!

The students had planned to print their comic books, using, and display them alongside large versions of individual frames, at their own exhibition. Unfortunately, this has not been possible due to COVID restrictions.
1.    Inspiration
2.   Planning
3.    Creating the comic books
4.    Printing and sharing

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